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Allow me to take the photos for your event, whether it be birthday parties, anniversaries, company picnics, family vacations, or corporate meetings.  I will capture the memories for you so you can enjoy your event stress-free.

Service starts at $100 per event, prices vary depending on location and travel distance.

Do you have family photos - priceless treasures - that are just collecting dust?  I can restore these treasures with all the modern digital tools available and make them lasting works of art for the years that follow.

Prices vary depending on quality and quantity of original photos.  Contact me for more info.

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Photo Enhancement Services - Read More

Give me a CD of your digital prints from your vacations, and I will enhance them with the latest software technology and retouching tools available.  Allow my photographer’s eye and creative input to shape your memories into professional remembrances.

Prices vary depending on number of photos, edits, and enhancements.  Contact me for more info.

Artistic Photo Projects - Read More

Using my keen sense of artistry and professional eye for expression, I will create slideshows and montages that will provide lasting memories and sentiments for every occasion.  I use the latest creative software, providing me a multitude of options for developing and sharing these projects.

Service starts at $50 per project, prices vary depending on type of project and number of photos.

Professional Print Products - Read More

With print product ideas available, ranging from calendars and cards to books and puzzles, there are many creative options I provide for custom, professional printing services.  With most of today’s memories in digital form, never forget the value of a printed keepsake!

Prices vary depending on type of product and number of photos.  Contact me for more info.

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All of my professional services are designed to provide you with a fun-filled and stress-free event.  Allow me to help you create quality and lasting memories in any format you desire.

Please do not hesitate to

contact me with any inquiries.